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Car detailing at silverstone

Looking for a car detailing service that goes above and beyond? Look no further. Here at Auto Wax Works, we’re specialists in premium vehicle detailing, always going that extra mile to make your car look better than brand-new. Based in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, you’ll feel like a race day VIP as you drive away from our race course location. Contact us today to book yourself an unmatched car detailing service.

Silverstone Northamptonshire car detailing

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Our Silverstone car detailing services

Here at Auto Wax Works, we understand that your vehicle is a serious investment. That’s why our specialist team pride themselves on delivering great care to every single vehicle that passes through our garages. Whilst you wait, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in the safest set of hands.

Find out more about what’s involved in our three main car detailing processes:




Invest in your vehicle

Car detailing is an investment in your vehicle. Whether you have a sports car, a family car, or even a limousine, similar issues affect all of our vehicles. From stone chips, weather marks, and general grime picked up off the road, each vehicle feels the brunt of day to day usage.

However, our Silverstone car detailing service travels your car back through time. Tackling your vehicle with each of our three core elements, you can rest assured that you’ll leave our garage with a car that looks brand new.

Ngenco paint protection spray

Here at Auto Wax Works in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding car detailing service. This means that even after you’ve left our premises, we help you to protect your vehicles paintwork. To do this, we apply Ngenco sprayable paint protection, tailoring it to your vehicle for a seamless and superior finish.

Ngenco paint protection spray (PPS) acts like a second skin for your vehicle, protecting the paintwork from the everyday blemishes that can quickly become unsightly.

With PPS there are no cuts or tears, no stress marks, no glue residue, and no UV yellowing and fading. As easy to apply as any spray paint, PPS offers a flexible guard to any part of your vehicle.

Car detailing quote

Detailing your car will help retain the original value or even add value to older/vintage cars that have not seen this level of care before.

For a bespoke quotation for your car, contact us today on 01869 320571.

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