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If you’re looking for the only car detailing in Oxford that’s good enough for your pride and joy, contact Auto Wax Works today. We provide a premium Oxford detailing service that leaves your vehicle looking better than it did when it left the factory. Whether it’s cleaning up after a spirited drive or full pre-sales prep, contact us today.
Car detailing Oxford

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Oxford car detailing you can trust

Your vehicle is a serious investment, so you only want to trust it to those who’ll take care of it properly. At Auto Wax Works, we offering the kind of car detailing in Oxford that turns first-time clients into long-time friends.

There’s so much more to a car detailing service than a simple wash. Our main service comprises three core elements:




The Xpel Paint Protection difference

We pride ourselves on offering truly comprehensive car detailing in Oxford, which means we can help you protect your vehicle’s paintwork even after it has left our premises. To do that, we use Xpel Paint Protection film. Xpel PPF acts like a super-thin second skin for your vehicle, protecting the paintwork from the normal everyday blemishes that can quickly become unsightly.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to our use of Xpel PPF, we tailor it completely to your vehicle to ensure a truly seamless fit and superior finish. To learn more about Xpel PPF and how we use it, click here.

Why car detailing is such a good investment

Whatever vehicle you own, whether it’s an open-top sports car or a luxury limousine, the joy is in taking it out on the road and enjoying new adventures. But every time you do, the paintwork is going to suffer. Stone chips, weather mark, general grime from the road – your vehicle’s bodywork and wheels suffer the brunt of it.

Our vehicle detailing service, however, allows you to drive and enjoy your pride and joy, safe in the knowledge that a few hours with us will leave it looking even better than it did when it left the factory.

It doesn’t just protect your investment, it improves it.

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Detailing your car will help retain the original value or even add value to older/vintage cars that have not seen this level of care before.

For a bespoke quotation for your car, call us today on 01869 320571.

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