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If you have a vehicle you truly love, you’ll be looking for car detailing in Milton Keynes that promises to go the extra mile. At Auto Wax Works we’re specialists in all manner of premium vehicle detailing, going over and above the traditional car valet service to provide a genuine investment into your vehicle.
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Our Milton Keynes car detailing service

At Auto Wax Works we provide comprehensive car detailing in Milton Keynes, catering to a wide variety of clients. We take care of all manner of vehicles; business vehicles, daily drivers, weekend cars, show cars, and investment vehicles, to name just a few. We take care of your pride and joy as if it was our own.

It’s a lot more than just a simple wash. Our service has three core elements to bring the best out of your vehicle.




Car detailing as an investment

Your pride and joy is an investment, and you want to preserve its value. But, every time you drive it you risk it getting dirty and marked, and dirty cars with poor quality paint never sell for their true value. Naturally, however, you want to drive and enjoy your car as much as you can.

This is where investing in professional car detailing in Milton Keynes comes in. Auto Wax Works can help you to eliminate the marks and grime that your vehicle picks up during normal driving. This means that you can enjoy a continental tour, a driving holiday, or a spirited weekend drive, and after a few hours with us, your vehicle will look as good as new. In many cases, it will look better than new.

Our service is tailored to you, your vehicle, and your requirements. Whether you just want to enquire about paint correction and protection, you want to ensure your business vehicle is as presentable as possible, or you have an investment vehicle you’re preparing to put up for sale, we can help.

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We do everything we can to fit in with your schedule, and pride ourselves on the results we can achieve even when we have limited time with your vehicle. For premium car detailing in Milton Keynes, the only name you need is Auto Wax Works – contact us today.

For a bespoke quotation for your car, call us today on 01869 320571.

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