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Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Here at Auto Wax Works, we use only the best paint protection products to ensure the highest quality finish for our customers. That is why we have become a certified installer of Xpel’s Ultimate paint protection film and are now offering this amazing product to our customers.

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Vehicle detailing and paint correction specialists

Auto Wax Works is a professional vehicle detailing company dedicated to restoring paintwork to a flawless perfection. Located in Bicester Heritage Site which is the UK’s first park for the restoration, storage and enjoyment of vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and aeroplane, we are committed to delivering the ultimate when it comes to paint correction, paint protection and quality valeting.

We have a proven track record at setting the industry standard in car care and this is as good as it gets. We know how important it is to our clients that they enjoy their cars, and that can only happen when they are looking their best and kept in the best possible condition.

Leader in keeping our automobiles flawless and turning heads is seasoned and highly proficient company owner, Charles. He is recognised nationally for his skills and talents in vehicle paint re-finishing. With many years’ experience in a body shop, Charles is also qualified to an ATA paint technician level.

Determined as being the foremost authority in detailing in the Oxfordshire area, the majority of our clients are prestige car owners. We work with many classic, collectable and high end sports cars, but we also work with any car that you would like to be the crown jewel of cars on the road.

Our paintwork wizardry and restoration of paintwork to showroom condition means that we prepare many cars for concourse shows. We can also detail the interior of your car.

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What is vehicle detailing?

There’s more to vehicle detailing than you might think. An ordinary valet or car wash will do an adequate job of cleaning your vehicle, but at Auto Wax Works we aim to achieve a pristine show-car finish, often better than it looked when it was in the showroom. Our vehicle detailing service will make your car look its glorious best and bring out its true beauty by removing all the imperfections and contaminants on the paintwork that a conventional car wash will leave in.


Find out more about what’s involved in our three main vehicle detailing processes:


The process of removing bonded contaminants e.g. tar, tree sap, industrial fallout and also existing polish and waxes from the vehicles paint which a normal wash fails to do. This lengthy and thorough process restores your car’s glossy, smooth surface and prepares your vehicle for the paint correction, cleansing and waxing.

Paint correction

The removal of scratches, bird stains, water marks, swirl marks, machine buffer marks, holograms, cob-webbing and micro-marring using a rotary polisher. It will also restore old, faded paintwork back to its true colour e.g. when red paint turns pink. This labour intensive process requires a trained eye for paintwork detail and is the only way of achieving a glass finish to your vehicle short of a complete re-spray, which is not only expensive, but could even affect its originality and resale value.

Paint protection

This stage will enhance and protect your vehicle’s paintwork in the long term, giving it a luxuriously deep shine using top quality Carnauba waxes and/or paint sealants.
The sealant chemically bonds to become the new surface layer of your vehicle, giving unrivalled UV resistance, dirt repellence, swirl resistance and making it easier to keep clean. This stage is particularly effective during the winter months when your vehicle is exposed to the harsh elements such as ice, snow and road salt.

About us

We are committed to excellence and turning out cars that turn heads and take away breaths is our passion. We provide intricate detailing services and perfect paintwork for collectors, competitors and every day car owners to the upscale standard of those who want museum-quality.


Whether you’re looking for first-class paintwork or for your engine bay and interior to be sparkling clean, our detailing services can help. We know that your car becomes more precious as time goes by, and we secure investment value and competition wins.


As we are located in the Bicester Heritage Park, we regularly host and take part in car enthusiast related events. Keep an eye on our Events page to receive updates on upcoming dates, happenings and functions.

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